What is the frequency of the clinic and how long does it last per session?
A typical clinic will run 2 – 4 consecutive weeks (1 day per week). A typical day will run 1 hour of gym time with a 15 minute snack following the clinic.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?
A typical clinic will cost:
2 weeks: $50
3 weeks: $75
4 weeks: $95

As a parent, do I have to stay the entire time/be involved in the clinic?
We require the parents to stay the duration of the clinic in the event of an emergency. If you would like to be involved in the clinic, you are more than welcome to participate with your child!

What is the age range of the participants?
There are no age limitations.

What is the ratio of staff to players?
We guarantee a 1:1 ratio between player and coach. In addition, there will be multiple support staff and one camp facilitator.